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Common Questions

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Container Questions

Why should I consider a converted/modified shipping container?
What is the price range?
What size shipping containers are available?
How do you move them around?
What about council approvals?
How do you turn a steel box into a comfortable space?
What types of modifications can you do?
Can we meet with you in person?

Why should I consider a converted/modified shipping container?

Shipping containers or cargo containers can be innovatively utilised for so many interesting and practical structures as they inherently provide several great advantages over more conventional buildings. Such as:

  • Cost effectiveness
    • Not only do shipping containers offer a cheaper alternative to a standard build ($300 – $600 per square meter compared to $1800 – $2400 conservatively, per square meter).
    • They can be built in a relatively short time frame regardless of season and weather compared to regular builds, which means you save money on rent/accommodation while you wait for your new home to be built!
    • Using our connections and by shopping around we can get good prices on quality used containers.
    • Using modular building techniques, we save time and save you money.
  • Versatility of use (home offices/workshops/salons, spare rooms, cabins, man caves, she sheds, shops, cafes, stages, secure storage, garages and homes to name a few).
  • Foundations not required – comes with floor, walls and roof.
  • Freedom of design – you can get exactly the kind of home or space you have in mind, we can easily incorporate all your ideas into the design.
  • Environmentally friendly – we use good quality recycled materials and containers wherever possible. We also have experience fitting solar panels to containers and are familiar with composting toilets and other energy saving/environmentally friendly devices and techniques.
  • Structural strength– containers are designed to be exposed to heavy loads and rough handling. They are also designed to be exposed to harsh climatic conditions which helps ensure the durability of the new building.
  • Security – due to the inherent strength of containers they can provide a great alternative to a garage or secure storage room.
  • Cyclone and fire proof (subject to modification).
  • Transportable – they can move with you and be moved when and where you need.

What is the price range?

The costs really depend on what you want but we pride ourselves on providing an innovative and adaptable service with a focus on affordable quality. We undertake our work in a responsive and efficient manner. One of the ways we demonstrate this is by providing detailed, no obligation quotes and concept drawings. This not only ensures an open and transparent service it can also help customers identify areas for further saving. However, to try and give you some idea, we have provided some examples of the costs of some of our more popular orders (all based on use of a standard
20′ container)

  • A cabin (including internal cladding, sliding door, two windows, some shelving, a few power points and a sink): from $12,500.00.
  • A more basic workshop (including a door, two windows and two power points): $9,750.
  • A secure garage/storage area (including a roller door, windows, power, some shelving and enhanced security measures) from $10,000.00.

What size shipping containers are available?

Standard shipping containers come in three main sizes: 3m (10′), 6m (20′) and 12m (40′). We can also use a combination of different sizes to create the perfect space for you. We can modify/convert any containers, new or used.
The cost of the containers depends on the condition they are in. Good quality second hand containers are generally easy to come by.

How do you move them around?

We have experience in a variety of container delivery methods. Generally, we use tilt-tray trucks for 20’ containers and for 40′ containers we mostly use side loaders or crane/hoist trucks. We will include delivery options as part of the quote or you can make your own arrangements and we will make sure the container is ready at the agreed time and date. Depending on your location we also incorporate rail wherever possible.

What about council approvals?

Generally there are very few issues with councils as shipping containers can be considered temporary and transportable. However, it is recommended you check before putting in an order in case any special regulations apply. Or speak to us about your local area as we may already have experience with your council.

How do you turn a steel box into a comfortable space?

Basically it comes down to quality workmanship and a sound knowledge of the best and most appropriate insulation and cladding systems available. This combined with clever design, use of space saving techniques and strategic use of the environment in which the container is to be placed helps us ensure we can provide you with a stylish and comfortable space which is an ideal fit for your purposes.

What types of modifications can you do?

When it comes to modifications your imagination really is the limit. We will work with you to create your dream space. We can work with any budget and have good connections with local suppliers of both new and second containers and building supplies. Some examples of the modifications we do include:

  • Window and skylight installations.
  • Door installations – such as roller doors, sliding doors, concertina doors (any door really)!
  • External cladding – think weathered steel, board and batten (or other wood), expanded steel, and brushed aluminum, just to name a few.
  • Internal cladding, insulation and walls or partitions.
  • Shelving.
  • Extra security measures.
  • Custom painting, internal and external.
  • Wood heater installation including appropriate flues and ventilation.
  • Plumbing and electrical (fully certified) – powered containers can be wired up to a caravan plug on the outside of the container, so you only need an extension lead and you’re powered! We can also arrange for the container to be plugged into an external hard wired box if you prefer a more permanent fixture.
  • Energy saving devices – we can make your container ‘off the grid’ (for example, we use solar panels, composting toilets, natural gas and wind turbines).
  • Kitchen/kitchenette installations.
  • Bathrooms/wet areas.
  • We can also assist with site preparation or arrange a site assessment to provide realistic advice on site suitability.

Can we meet with you in person?

Yes! We would love to set up a meeting with you. It is often the easiest way to exchange ideas and ensure we have a thorough understanding of your requirements. We can meet with you by appointment at our office in Northcote, Melbourne or our workshop in Ballarat.

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